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Salt Room

Welcome to our Salt Room!

We will seat you in one of our zero gravity chairs.
Enjoy the golden glow of light from the Himalayan Salt rocks,  a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, gentle and soft design of our Himalayan salt therapy room and relax to soothing sounds while receiving the genuine health benefits of our salt room. Breathe deep and fill your lungs with the natural therapeutic salt air.

Salt Room Chair

What is Salt Therapy/Halotherapy?

Salt Therapy, also known as Halotherapy or Dry Salt Therapy, involves breathing in a negative ion-rich dry salt micro-climate, mimicking the conditions found in natural salt mines. It's a natural, safe, and non-invasive alternative therapy that has been used since the early 1800s to alleviate respiratory complaints. Halotherapy utilizes a Halogenerator to recreate the therapeutic properties of salt mines by producing breathable dry salt particles. This evidence-based therapy has gained popularity in Europe and is now available at Lotus Blossom Yoga & Wellness in Lawton, OK, offering a unique and beneficial service to the community.

Salt therapy offers respiratory and overall health benefits. Salt's anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation and support the immune system, while also aiding in mucus clearance.


Negative ions in the therapy environment promote relaxation, boost oxygen flow in the blood, and strengthen the immune system.


Frequency multiple sessions are recommended for best results, with a series of 5 to 25 treatments suggested. 

Benefits of Halotherapy:

  • Reduces stress, asthma, and chronic bronchitis,

  • Reduces frequent colds

  • Reduces sinus headaches

  • Helps with seasonal, dust and mold allergies

  • Reduces hay fever

  • Helps skin disorders such as psoriasis and dermatitis

  • Helps with insomnia

  • Reduces exhaustion and fatigue

  • Improves immune system

  • Relaxes muscles

  • Enhances sport performance by improving stamina and lung function

It's important to consult your healthcare provider before scheduling a salt therapy session if you have certain health conditions, such as:

  1. Acute stage of respiratory disease or 3rd stage of chronic lung insufficiency

  2. Contagious illness or fever

  3. Acute active tuberculosis

  4. Severe kidney or liver issues

  5. Hypertension in IIB stage

  6. Hemoptysis

  7. Alcohol or drug intoxication

  8. All cancer during chemotherapy/radiation treatment

  • How many sessions do I need?
    Many people feel health benefits after only one session. However, long lasting results occur after a series of 10-20 treatments with at least 3-5 sessions/week 1-2 times/year. For relaxation purposes and to strengthen the immune system 1-2 sessions a week year round are recommended, however sessions can be taken as many times as desired.
  • Can I read in the salt cave?
    Yes, but it is very low light and truly a better experience to just relax and breathe in the air.
  • Does Halotherapy have side effects?
    Some clients feel a tickling in the throat. Owing to the Halotherapy induced drainage of accumulated mucus, some clients experience an increase in coughing after several days of treatment, mostly more productive in mucous discharge. Rare side effects are light eye irritation to conjunctivitis. If you have sensitive eyes it is suggested to keep your eyes closed during Halotherapy or the use of an eye pillow.
  • Are there different salt therapy methods?
    Yes. However, only one method can re-create the authentic micro-climate of natural salt mines. It is called Halotherapy or dry salt therapy. When the air in natural salt mines was studied, scientists found in ALL mines a concentration of 15 - 23 mg/m3 dry salt particles in the air (1-5 microns in size) as well as an abundance of negative ions. Dry micron-sized salt can only be generated by a Halogenerator (a salt mill). In the process of being ground up into 1-5 microns, the salt becomes negatively ionized. When salt therapy without Halogenerator is offered, for example with water features, therapeutic dry salt can not be found in the air. The Salt Room of Lotus Blossom is the only Halotherapy Room in Lawton.
  • ​​​​When is salt treatment not recommended?
    Halotherapy is not recommended for persons afflicted with following illnesses: Any kind of infectious disease; Infections, accompanied by fever; Patients who have cardiac insufficiency; Chronic kidney diseases; Any form and stages of tuberculosis;
  • What is special about Himalayan Salt versus other salt?
    Himalayan Salt is hand mined in the deepest and most pristine salt ranges in Pakistan and contains many minerals that our body needs. It originates from the primal oceans and is thought to be over 300 Million years old. It is not refined nor cleaned and treated chemically like your average table salt and is not exposed to harmful pollution and toxins like sea salt which is harvested from the ocean waters. Other salt mined in different parts of the world often are not suitable to eat and are mined with heavy machinery which pollutes the salt. This salt is called rock salt and is inferior in quality compared to Himalayan Salt.
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