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Yin has been called "the yoga of the joints". It has 3 principles:

1. Find your edge, on a scale of 1-10 with

(1 being that you feel nothing and 10 that you are maxed out find your 4-5).

2. Be still, settle in and hold still trying not to fidget .

3. Hold the pose Yin Yoga can be held anywhere from 1-10 minutes. However it usually averaged 3-5 minutes.

Yin Yoga is a passive stretch. This yoga is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the meridians. Yogis do not work up a sweat in this class. In fact there are 26 asanas (poses) and Downward Facing Dog is not 1 of them! Downward Facing Dog is a Yang Pose, active and in Yin we work to quiet the active mind and body. This is not restorative yoga, but it is a very restoring yoga for the mind, body, and spirit.

Yin yoga is best practiced with cold muscles, so this is great before starting the day! Grab your Props, yin Yoga is all about bringing the floor to you and not hurting. 

Walk Ins Welcomed!

Yin Yoga

8:00 AM Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday

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