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Lightning and Reiki the Scientific Proof

Hello beautiful souls! Let’s chat about Lightning and what it has to do with any reiki scientific proof. I want to start off with the fact that I recently was listening to Billy Carson podcast and he was talking about the amount of electricity in one human body and that got me to thinking and researching.

I started by researching how much energy was in the average body, but that was way to vague and broad. I was getting results like “energy stored as fat” and “how our bodies turn food into energy”. So, I specifically searched “how much electricity is in the human body” and the first thing that popped up was a research done at Harvard University about human energy converted into electricity. I have included the link if you are interested. I was on the right track and it didn’t take long to find several sites with the same information. 🧬Each cell has .07 volts of electricity and there are 37.2 trillion cells in our bodies. To find out how much total this is you multiply and will come out with 2.64 trillion volts in our bodies!! (I really multiplied, but I am just rounding).

OK, but I still did not comprehend what that meant. It sounds like an impressive number but electricity is not my field. I began to wonder what can I compare to and of course Lightning came to mind! I began my search to find out how much electricity was in a lightening bolt and found that it ranges from 100-300 Billion Volts. Now this—-this was something I could grasp and understand. National Geographic has a great article here.

Aha! We are powerful beings and science is supporting and backing up Reiki! Well maybe not intentionally but Reiki is all about the energy in our bodies. Our energy is what is creating the electricity. This is the entire reason that Reiki holistic healing works! We have Reiki Scientific Proof in this knowledge of electricity in the cells. We are able to heal and channel energy because we are truly fascinating and powerful beings.

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