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What to look for in a Yoga Trapeze/ Sling

I have owned the YOGABODY® Trapeze since 2016 and just recently upgraded to the newest version. I did not have to do this, but my favorite color is green and well who doesn't love an upgrade?

Original version above and my new YOGABODY® Trapeze below.

Not much as changed, but I am loving the new straps and only having a single carabiner on each side! However, I recently have discovered that not all yoga trapeze / slings are the same. You can find your yoga trapeze literally everywhere, but I do want to talk about the differences such as daisy chains, carabiners, and the yoga trapeze / sling that I have noticed as a Yoga Trapeze Instructor.

Let's talk daisy chains

Safety is a huge concern especially if you want to know that you can hang upside down with no risk of your trapeze giving out! The YOGABODY® Trapeze has been weight tested up to 450 lbs. The straps, or daisy chains, are what you will use to "hang" your trapeze / sling. I love the YOGABODY® Trapeze daisy chains they are so sleek now. These daisy chains are also weight tested, apart from the trapeze. This is something to consider when purchasing your yoga trapeze / sling. It is great that knock off brands have weight ratings, but also need to check on the components as well. The daisy chains of the YOGABODY® Trapeze are super long and very versatile making it easy to hang my trapeze / sling anywhere!

What about Carabiners?

Okay, so who cares about those little clippies? I do as a yoga instructor I am checking these every time my student adjusts their yoga trapeze / sling! (Which by the way happens less often with a YOGABODY® Trapeze, but more on that later). It is really important to know if they are repurposed or not. Yes, I said that, repurposed! Now, that may not bother you but OMG it bothers me! Also, some yoga trapeze / slings come with S hooks, and many times these are not removeable, so how are you going to wash it? I also am not a fan for safety reasons of the S hook.

So the YOGABODY® Trapeze Pro comes with quick straps and this makes the one carabiner on each side easy to remove for washing, and did I mention they are not repurposed and they are weight tested.

Now the nitty gritty the trapeze / sling itself

The YOGABODY® Trapeze falls short in color choices. I am not going to lie, this was quite bothersome for me initially and also was a factor for the studio I instruct at. The studio went with a copy cat version and this is how I was able to really see the difference. What I saw first hand is that the dimensions are off on the off brands. The 3 sets of handles hang at different levels and are not always the same length. This comes into concern when doing certain poses like Superman and without adjusting the handles to different lengths this pose will be impossible.

I have been able to adjust this in my classes at the studio by having the students constantly move the straps up or down,(this is what I was talking about earlier) and now that the student's are aware they have adjusted.

We do allow students to bring their own trapeze / sling and I can say that this has been the same huge problem with the knock off brands.

And there you have it

I have had my YOGABODY® Trapeze since 2016 and I love it! I also, can tell you as an instructor I truly wish all my students went with the YOGABODY® Trapeze. It's not required for my classes and I do not work for the company I just truly love and trust the brand and safety YOGABODY® Trapeze provides. I give it a 4.9 out of 5 stars with the only fault being in the lack of color choices.

If you are looking for a Yoga Trapeze that provides peace of mind and has the correct dimensions of handles I recommend the YOGABODY® Trapeze.

My review on Youtube

Thoughts, Questions, or comments?

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