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Yoga Trapeze What Is IT Really?

Have you heard about Yoga Trapeze? In this blog I am going to talk to you about what Yoga Trapeze is, explain about aerial yoga, and talk about if the yoga trapeze is good for fitness or workouts. I have owned my trapeze for 6 years and recently certified to become a Yoga Trapeze® Instructor.

Steph in pink tank top doing a yoga trapeze pose in the background is a lotus blossom
Stretch deeper than you though you could

So just what is a Yoga Trapeze?

The Yoga Trapeze has a main sling and 3 sets of handles on each side. The Yoga Trapeze is usually hung so that the main sling is about hip level so that a person is never very high from the ground. There are some early photographs of BKS Iyengar in a make shift rope sling with yoga mats over the rope, this is very interesting to know that traction is nothing new! The yoga trapeze now is quite more stylish and way more comfortable. It is designed from parachute material and depending on the brand can hold up to 450 lbs. The yoga trapeze has been referred to by different names such as yoga swing, yoga sling, yoga hammock, and of course trapeze. Now that we now what the yoga trapeze is you may have noticed that I left off the phrase aerial yoga.

Is the Yoga Trapeze Aerial Yoga

The Yoga Trapeze is not really an aerial yoga class. I know, I know you will find people that will call it one in the same, but they are very different. Aerial Yoga uses silks instead of the Yoga Trapeze and the silks are usually hung in the "air". Aerial is usually practiced higher up than the yoga trapeze. Aerial silks are huge and do not have handles. Aerial is not usually practiced by the general population like Yoga Trapeze. It is more practiced by experienced individuals.

"Go ask someone who's 65 and they'll tell you that flexibility matters." – Lucas Rockwood

Is the Yoga Trapeze for fitness or just a workout?

The yoga trapeze is for both! If by fitness you are trying to improve your overall health and posture this is great! The inversions work the parasympathetic system and can aid in digestive and lymphatic systems. The yoga trapeze is great to strengthen muscles in the arms, legs, and core. You are able to practice inversions safely. The yoga trapeze has gained a lot of attention because of the claims from users of aiding in back pain.

Can everyone do the Yoga Trapeze?

I would love to say yes, however we are all unique and special individuals so it is best to always talk to your doctor or health professional to make that choice for yourself. It is not for pregnant women, untreated high blood pressure, untreated heart conditions, or untreated glaucoma.


Now that you know what a Yoga Trapeze is, how it differs from aerial yoga, and that it is great for fitness and workouts are you ready to try? Leave me a comment on your thoughts would you try a yoga trapeze why or why not?

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