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Yoga Tips for Starting Your Yoga Journey

So you are thinking about starting your yoga journey? Great! Oh, you have some questions like can I eat before? What do I wear? and what should I expect? Check out the following tips I have created to help you transition like a pro!

1. Don't compare yourself to where others are on their journey. We are each unique and special individuals. Each one of us has a starting point. Yoga is about being in the present.

This is so easy to tell you, but I've been there. I remember even putting off attaining my yoga certification because I was comparing myself and ability to others. This only limits us! Let those worries go! Be present and mindful of where you are at the moment in your journey.

2. Eat before yoga? Most styles of yoga are better on an empty stomach. It has been suggested by many to wait 1 to 2 hours after eating.

In my classes, I recommend an hour before. Remember each Instructor may have a different preference. Always follow the advice of your doctor or pcm.

3. Be attentive to the physical and emotional needs of ourselves Be gentle with yourself. Feel the experience.

Listen to your body. It is such an awareness to be Intune with our bodies. Noticing any feelings or emotions that are tied to any pose. I can remember a time when I was taking a class and all of a sudden I got very frustrated with the instructor. I had a hard time focusing on "my yoga" and was fixating on her asking us to do poses I didn't want to do. I began breathing and focusing on my breath as I starting asking myself, "why do I feel this way?" I was able to begin to realize my frustration was not with the instructor at all. I was directing my emotions towards her, however my emotions were not because of her but actually an emotional release I was going through.

4. What should I wear? Be comfortable and modest. Shirts rise and pants lower in poses, so be aware, comfortable and relaxed. There is no reason to run out and buy yoga pants, unless you just want to! Clothes that allow for movement and are not restricting are the best.

Be prepared at the studio to remove your shoes and possibly socks. Socks can cause slipping on some floors. My feet stay cold so I wear yoga socks that have grips.

I truly hope these tips will help you to feel more at ease while practicing! Shalom! Good luck to you as you start your yoga journey. I hope this article has calmed the nerves about some questions and I hope to see you in studio soon!

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